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Short Term Rental (STR) starter kit 

  • Why should I pick GH L Property Management?
    GH L Property Management has three decades of experience within the property management industry. We specialize in short term vacation rental management as this provides a greater return on our property owners investment. Based in Houston, Texas, we offer a bespoke management service to ensure that each property is marketed and managed with a personalized consideration to ensure each property has its unique value proposition. As a property owner when you call or email us, you will always be talking to one of our experienced team members here in Houston. GH L Properties takes the extra level of service required to exceed the expectations of both of our guests and property owners. Choosing GH L Properties allows you to benefit from the increased revenue short term rentals provide without the stresses that the increased demand that many property owners without experienced property managers face.
  • What is the benefit of using my property for a short term rental vs traditional rental?
    That is a great question and one we are genuinely enthusiastic to discuss with our property owners. Using your property for short term vacation rentals may seem daunting at first but it is our speciality. When we speak to property owners the main reasons they prefer renting their property for vacation rentals are fluidity, flexibility and earning more money. With short term vacation rentals you have the freedom to stay at your property when it isn't reserved and still make more money than you would have in a traditional rental.
  • Do you provide insurance for my Property while there is a guest present?
    Yes. Our insurance provider Guest ranger provides comprehensive coverage to the homeowner & property manager. In most cases, our protection program also replaces the need for a security deposit and provides you a peace-of-mind knowing that your home, it’s contents, and the reputation of your business are being protected. We believe in providing the utmost to our home owners and offer the Gold protection which covers the following. Gold Protect $1,000,000 in Real Property Protection $1,000,000 in Homeowner Liability Protection $10,000 in Contents Damage Protection $10,000 in Bed Bug Coverage For further information please visit here.
  • How do you protect my property from the risk of large social gatherings and proactively preserve my assets?
    This is extremely important to us here at GH L Properties. We have software that provides guest verification on each guest that will be staying in your home to ensure that we mitigate as many risks as possible. All guests sign an agreement that they are not to have large gatherings or or events during their stay.
  • What is the Airbnb starter kit?
    The Airbnb starter kit gives you all the tools to get your property ready for Airbnb. In addition, GHL is offering you the chance to get set up to provide you with the best opportunities to be a super host without figuring it out for yourself.
  • How much is the Airbnb starter kit?
  • Who can use the Airbnb starter kit?
    Anyone with a property wants to take advantage of the Airbnb market and gain 30-1000% in additional cash flow!
  • What is included in the Airbnb starter kit?
    This is the best part! We provide you with everything you need to set up your property and put you on track to being a super host. Then, you just have to sit back and begin reaping the rewards. Our kit includes the following: A free performance analysis. A complete detailed proforma of your property's performance using our state of the art software. Checklist with clickable links of all items needed to purchase to get your property ready. Professional photographs of your property once the property is complete. Complete set up of Airbnb profile. Set up of Airbnb listing. A personalized welcome guidebook of your property, including local activities and amenities.
  • What do I need to use the Airbnb starter kit?
    You don't need anything! We provide you with access to everything you need. We have the experience and learnt the best way to set up an Airbnb property, and we want to give you our insider knowledge to make it easy.
  • What if I don't have a property?
    We want you to be able to get into Airbnb, and if you do not have a property to do that, let us find you one through our rental arbitrage program.
  • What is property sourcing?
    Our Airbnb rental program allows people who do not own property to become Airbnb hosts through leasing a property. GHL Properties personally sources the perfect property for you that provides for Airbnb guests using our property system and dedicated team. In addition, we have in-network realtors to assist you with the lease. Once this is complete, you can purchase your Airbnb starter kit, and you are ready to go!
  • How much does the Airbnb arbitrage program cost?
    $299 property sourcing fee + $49.99 application fee.
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